General Pipe Cleaners

Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator

$1,843.00 $1,658.70 -10%
  • Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator
Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator

General Pipe Cleaners

Gen-Eye Hotspot Pipe Locator

$1,843.00 $1,658.70 -10%

The new Gen-Eye Hot-Spot pipe locator makes locating easier than ever. Its total field antenna array and on-screen icons lead you right to your target, without the long learning curve

Whether you’re an experienced pro or a first time user, you can quickly locate inspection cameras, sondes, active power lines and utility lines with pinpoint accuracy. No need to interpret numbers and bar graphs.

The easy-to-see auto backlit LCD display shows you the way with arrows that point you in the right direction every time. Utility line location and active buried power line locating is just as easy.

The Hot-Spot is the industry’s most rugged locator. Rated at IP65, it is dust and dirt proof, and water resistant. It passed the one meter drop test and the screen passed the 18” steel ball drop test

  • Easy to read display.
  • Icons lead you to your target.
  • Auto backlight lets you locate in dimly lit areas.
  • Total field antenna array
  • Allows you to locate from any direction.
  • Line direction compass.
  • Tells you the lay of the pipe.
  • Industry’s most rugged locator.
  • IP65 rating is the industry’s highest for performing in dusty, dirty, or wet jobsite conditions.
  • Passed 1-meter drop test; screen passed 18″ steel ball drop test.
  • Superior battery life – Last approximately 30 hours–more than twice as long as other. Automatic shutdown saves power.
  • Expanded frequencies – Locates two sonde frequencies, two power frequencies, and four line frequencies (with external transmitter).
  • Made in U.S.A.

Camera/Sonde Frequencies:
512 Hz and 33KHz

Line/Utility Frequencies:
1KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz, 65KHz

Active Power Line Frequencies:
60/50Hz and 180/150Hz

Depth Range:
10 ft. in cast iron pipe/20 ft. in clay or plastic

LCD Digital Signal Read-Out, Graphic Display, Directional Arrows, Null Icon, Camera Icon, Utility Icon, Audible Tone, Auto Digital Depth, Battery Status, Auto Backlight

Antenna Configurations:
Total Field, Single Peak, Twin Peak, Null and Left/Right (Line Location Only)

External Ports:
Mini USB

4.8 lbs./2.18 Kg

2 D-cell alkaline (Approximately 30 hours of life)

Operating Temperature Range:
-4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)

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